The Scientist recently published an article on the Top Science Scandals of 2012. Top scandals included:

  • Professor Eric Smart’s falsification of 45 figures over the course of 10 years
  • A Japanese researcher’s retraction of 172 papers since 1993
  • A forensic chemist’s forging of thousands of signatures placing 34,000 criminal drug cases at risk
  • Four authors who wrote stellar “third party” expert reviews of their own papers

Of course, none of these stories should be shocking to the European Biotechnologist audience. We are well aware of the “bad behaviour” exhibited by some scientists. If you recall, back in October we told you about rogue scientists who wrongly falsify their western blotting data including 19 instances of retractions in the first half of 2012 alone.

In that post we asked if the time has come to create new western blotting guidelines. The Scientist discusses solutions such as a “transparency index” or “reproducibility index.”

What are your thoughts?