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        Attention point of piezoceramic welding

        publish:HUIFENG  time:2017年06month09day

        What is the vibration detection circuit of a piezoelectric ceramic chip? What should be paid attention to in the process of welding? In addition, what is the relationship between the waveform and time of electricity generated by piezoelectric ceramics and the force? Now that these problems have been raised, the following, to solve it immediately, I hope you can get some new harvest and inspiration.
        1. what is the vibration detection circuit of the piezoelectric ceramic chip?
        The vibration detection circuit of piezoelectric ceramic chip is not complicated. It only needs to connect two electrodes to the oscilloscope. However, it should be noted that the voltage at both ends of the ceramic sheet is MV grade. Moreover, if the amplitude of the signal is too low, the low noise operational amplifier can be used to amplify the signal for observation.
        2. what should we pay attention to during the welding process of piezoelectric ceramics?
        There are some points for attention in the welding of piezoelectric ceramics.
        The welding temperature should not be too high; in the welding time, it is not suitable for the process, otherwise, it will affect the quality of the welding, and then affect the use effect of the piezoelectric ceramic. In general, it takes only a few seconds to weld.
        3., what is the relationship between the waveform and time of electricity generated by piezoelectric ceramics and the force?
        In particular, if it is a periodic changing force that continues to act on a piezoelectric ceramic piece, then the piezoelectric ceramic will continue to generate electricity, and its waveform is closer to the sine wave. If it is a momentary force, then the wave is approaching the pulse.
        The above problems are all from the web product of the piezo ceramic piece, which are extended, and it is not before, so I hope you can take it seriously and carry on it so that you can understand and master it in time. In this way, even in practice, we can deal with it calmly and solve it satisfactorily, so as to avoid unnecessary problems or troubles.