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        problem of piezoelectric ceramics

        publish:HUIFENG  time:2017年06month13day

        Piezoceramic, it is not only a kind of ceramic, but also, it is also an important product of the website, and one of the key key words, so it can be seen that it is very important. Then, based on the importance of this product, the following will continue to learn and understand, in order to promote the learning process, and then, you can get some new knowledge, so that you can increase the professional knowledge of their own.

        1. is the direct current or alternating current generated on the piezoelectric ceramics? In addition, is it Pan - Digital polycrystal?

        Piezoelectric ceramics produce direct current rather than alternating current. In addition, it belongs to the inorganic piezoelectric material, and this kind of material can be divided into two kinds: piezoelectric crystal and piezoelectric ceramic. Piezoelectric crystals generally refer to piezoelectric single crystals, while piezoelectric ceramics generally refer to piezoelectric polycrystals, so in question two, the answer is yes.

        2. piezoelectric ceramic P8, what does it mean?

        Piezoelectric ceramic P8, in particular, refers to the ceramic, which is for high power. In addition, we should also know that P4 refers to both transceiver and receiver, P5 refers to detection drive, P6 refers to high stability, P7 refers to high frequency and lead titanate. Moreover, there is a certain standard for naming specifications. What is described above is the general meaning for their units.

        3. what is the voltage and current generated by piezoceramic on lighters?

        The piezoceramic on the lighter, which is by external force to make it deform, and then generate voltage and current instantaneously, and, on the specific value, is for the voltage produced by the piezoelectric ceramics, the range is 4000 - 6000V, but there are also tens of thousands of volts. The current generated by it is relatively small, with only a few micro amps.

        4. what is the dielectric property of piezoelectric ceramics?

        The dielectric properties of piezoelectric ceramics are generally expressed in terms of dielectric constant epsilon 0, and they indicate the degree to which the ceramic materials correspond to the external electric scale. If the external electric field is not very large, then the dielectric response to the electric field is linear, is a straight line.