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        To the ultrasonic transducer, the following will continue to learn and understand, because, everyone's familiarity with this kind of transducer is not complete and concrete, so it is necessary to carry on it, so as to speed up the learning speed, so that people can reach the standard at an early date, and at the same time, we can increase this aspect. Professional knowledge.

        1. on the ultrasonic transducer, how do we correctly understand the three frequencies of the transducer, the resonant frequency and the working frequency?

        In this regard, the specific answer given by Wuxi Huifeng electronics, an ultrasonic transducer manufacturer, is:

        The central frequency of ultrasonic transducer is usually resonant frequency. Moreover, the transducer has a bandwidth range, so for its working frequency, it should be within the bandwidth of the transducer so that all kinds of problems can be avoided.

        2. what are the influencing factors of ultrasonic transducers?

        The influence factors of ultrasonic transducer, according to the ultrasonic transducer manufacturer Wuxi Hui Feng Electronic introduction, are specifically speaking, such as structure, piezoelectric ceramic, material matching and manufacturing technology. Moreover, the thickness of the transducer is different, so the electrical parameters of the transducer are obviously different. If it is used as a heat meter, the two factors are piezoelectric ceramics and manufacturing processes.

        3. what are the specific differences between ultrasonic transducers 60 watts 28kh and 50 watts 40kh?

        Ultrasonic transducer 60 watts 28kh and 50 watts 40kh, the difference between the two types of transducer, ultrasonic transducer manufacturer Wuxi Huifeng electronics, mainly in the ultrasonic frequency, and its power, is different, because, in this respect, there is a distinct difference. In addition, the internal circuit of the transducer, that is, the main control panel and the matching inductor, is also different. Therefore, they can not be mixed, otherwise, there will be problems.