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        National Consultative Hotline 0510-85310683


        Contact US

        Address:No.20 16-3 plot,5th,Shuofang Industrial Concentrated Zone, New District, Wuxi 214142, Jiangsu, P.R.China

        R & D background

        01Cold door industry, lack of R & D talents

        Piezoelectric and dielectric materials belong to the "cold door" profession, and the relevant talents are few and far between. Most of them rely on enterprise training.。

        02New production R & D cycle

        From the market research, the design idea to the fastest cycle of the sample will take about 45 days, but a new product will have to circulate several times before it is possible to succeed, and then it is a small mass production to be put on the market.。

        03High research and development cost

        The process of research and development is the process of burning money. There will be a large amount of input in the early stages of human, machine, material and law. In order to start the sample trial production, the production of several links should be put into two times.

        04Market supporting industrial chain is not complete

        Many R&D equipment and tooling need independent research and development, supporting less outsourcing suppliers, and supporting tooling production cycle is also longer, the price is relatively high.。

        05Our research and development background

        After 20 years of technical precipitation, we have a better solution to some of the R & D problems encountered in the industry - the professional personnel, the design of the prescription equipment, the cooperation suppliers of main materials and other important links are very good guarantee. Therefore, our R & D can win the recognition and support of well-known research institutes and large enterprises at home and abroad.